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Tax Objections Rant

Tax Rant Alert: So for those of you who have not figured it out by now, I am a Canadian tax lawyer. Let me explain

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Rant on Impeachment

So I have been quiet lately with the political rants because reasons. But here is the nutshell about what is going on in the US

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Rant on Canada Foreign Policy

It may require a subscription to get access but this short article from the Economist, but clearly highlights the fact that that Canada is an

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Rant on Provincial Court Case

Wooo!!! Hoo!! Whooop!! Great start to the long weekend, just won my first (and hopefully last ever) case before the Court of Queen’s bench on

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Charities Blog

Article: Charity sector worth $300B per year, but CRA audits have dropped four-fold since 2010 I have been off and on ranting about this issue

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Elvis Stojko Rant

Article: Elvis Stojko took out $6.5M in life insurance on his parents and says he has no idea why it ended up offshore Part 72

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