It may require a subscription to get access but this short article from the Economist, but clearly highlights the fact that that Canada is an international light-weight and getting lighter all the time. We did not lose the security counsel election because we did not have enough time to campaign. We lost because what we think we do for the world and what we really do are very very very different things these days and resting on our historical relevance/generosity does not count anymore.

We need to step up to be taken seriously. That does not just go for the UN and dealings with the US and China, but also for the rest of the world. The issues discussed in this article go directly to the problem two Michaels. We think we punch above our weight because we have so many friends, but that is sadly no longer true – we are just not as popular as we think we are because we have not kept our promises. So China is certain they can bully us.  We are not willing to pay the freight or live up to our international commitments on development assistance and defense. So why would China think we are willing to pay the freight necessary to stand up to them?

This is not a Liberal or Tory thing. We have been losing our way for a long time and there is no current discussion by any political party of how deluded we currently are about our declining relevance in the world. And Happy Belated Canada Day!

Article: Why Canada failed to win a seat on the Security Council