Wooo!!! Hoo!! Whooop!!

Great start to the long weekend, just won my first (and hopefully last ever) case before the Court of Queen’s bench on appeal from Provincial court!!

So the friend of a client who runs a painting business got sued by a rich doctor for no good reason. Basically the Dr. got a case of “professionalitis” and thought that because he is a doctor, he knows everything about everything, including painting. He accused my client of incompetence, negligence, breach of contract, yada yada yada. Sued for $50k claiming everything under the sun in their reno was my client’s fault.

My client does good work and this ticked me off and I took the case pro bono only because she had no-one else to turn to and could not afford representation in this economy and because f&*k rich doctors trying to pick on honest tradespeople, that’s why!

We won at provincial court back in mid-2020. Rich doctor appeals to QB, and we just got it tossed out flat (judge ruled from the bench after 15 minutes recess) this afternoon as well. Dr’s counsel droned on for 2+ hours, I was “on my feet” for 20 mins tops. But it was really hard work keeping my mouth shut and paying attention for 2+ hours to my learned friend on for the Appellant…

Thanks and a big shout-out to Joshua Kenneth Wasylciw for the advice on QB procedure in Covid-19 times!! Sincerest thanks to my articling student, Michael Harker, for actually doing all of the work, drafting the brief, putting together the case and documents, and saving my a$$ by remembering the name and key point of a relevant case that I had forgotten to argue (because I have no clue what I am doing arguing before the QB!!) in trying to tear down the Appellant’s case.

Now we see if the Dr. seeks leave to appeal to the Alberta Court of Appeal, because that is just the kind of a$$hole move rich doctor dickheads pull. But I got four words for him … COME AT ME BRO!!! Woo-hooo!! Happy May 2-4! I may have 2 or 4 to celebrate! Woo-hooo!!