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Canada’s Voluntary Disclosures Program

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: (Voluntary Disclosures Program) Have not filed, or Maybe forgot some income? Voluntary Disclosures! Introduction The reality is that we are moving towards an increasingly transparent tax world. The bad old days of people hiding income...

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Case Comment on 1057513 Ontario Inc. v HMQ

1057513 Ontario Inc v Her Majesty the Queen, 2014 TCC 272 Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week File your tax returns! When it comes to the tax act Time stops for no one Introduction The principle of integration in tax law refers to the goal that no tax advantage (or...

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How to Handle Disputes with the CRA

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: Time and the Taxman Wait for no-one. To fight him, Call us right away! Introduction Everybody dreads opening their mailbox and finding an unanticipated letter from the CRA (“CRA”). Except, of course, for tax lawyers like us, because we...

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