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Employee or Contractor for Canadian Tax Purposes?

Ontario Real Estate Association v MNR, 2014 TCC 190 Link to Court Document Canadian Tax Haiku of the week: Am I Contractor? Or Employee? If unsure Just follow the test Introduction A trend emerging within the Canadian workforce has been the increase of out-sourcing...

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McKesson: When Advocacy “Boyles Over”

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: Transfer pricing Judges need justice too in McKesson Canada IntroductionOn December 20, 2013, the Tax Court of Canada (“Tax Court”) released an eagerly anticipated 105-page verdict involving the latest Canadian transfer pricing trial,...

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More on Tax Court Costs; Henco

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: Tax Court costs; Maybe Judges put aside Tariff Hooray! … if you win Introduction “[T]he Tax Court of Canada is quite prepared to put aside Tariff in favour of a more detailed analysis based on the factors set forth in Rule 147(1).” –...

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