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Employee or Contractor for Canadian Tax Purposes?

Ontario Real Estate Association v MNR, 2014 TCC 190 Link to Court Document Canadian Tax Haiku of the week: Am I Contractor? Or Employee? If unsure Just follow the test Introduction A trend emerging within the Canadian workforce has been the increase of out-sourcing...

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McKesson: When Advocacy “Boyles Over”

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: Transfer pricing Judges need justice too in McKesson Canada IntroductionOn December 20, 2013, the Tax Court of Canada (“Tax Court”) released an eagerly anticipated 105-page verdict involving the latest Canadian transfer pricing trial,...

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More on Tax Court Costs; Henco

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: Tax Court costs; Maybe Judges put aside Tariff Hooray! … if you win Introduction “[T]he Tax Court of Canada is quite prepared to put aside Tariff in favour of a more detailed analysis based on the factors set forth in Rule 147(1).” –...

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Canada’s Voluntary Disclosures Program

Canadian Tax Haiku of the Week: (Voluntary Disclosures Program) Have not filed, or Maybe forgot some income? Voluntary Disclosures! Introduction The reality is that we are moving towards an increasingly transparent tax world. The bad old days of people hiding income...

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