Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Planning

Canada has a robust support system for scientific research and experimental development. The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Investment Tax Credit (ITC) process offers tax credits or refunds to businesses undertaking eligible research and development activities.

To qualify for the SR&ED program, activities must meet three criteria: 

  1. Technological advancement: The work being performed must aim to create new knowledge or improve existing knowledge in a field of science or technology.
  2. Technical content: The work must involve a systematic investigation or search and must involve formulating hypotheses and making and testing observations. 

If you are planning to conduct scientific research and experimental development in Canada, we can assist with the structuring of the investment process to optimize on not only the SR&ED programme but a number of other provincial and federal tax and other incentive programmes. We do not file SR&ED claims or other provincial tax credit documentation, we work with a number of other professionals who specialize in preparing this documentation. We have successfully advocated in the Tax Court of Canada on behalf of a number of corporations making such claims, settling the majority of them at trial, or during trial.